LAUP Hispanic Youth Leadership Conference

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Many times, students don’t recognized their their own abilities or the opportunities that life presents. For this reason, Latin Americans United for Progress, Hope College, Herman Miller, and various other organizations in the community are organizing their 9th annual Hispanic Youth Leadership Conference.

The conference is designed to help Hispanic students identify the gifts they possess and gain inspiration from Hispanic leaders. Students can choose from 13 educational workshops and explore college and career paths that suit their interests.

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#Adulting – High School graduation will come quicker than you realize. Come learn how to navigate life after high school and hear about the skills necessary to have a successful life as an adult.

Becoming a Force of Change in Your Community – Civic engagement is a crucial facet of a thriving and prosperous community. Because no community is perfect, we want to equip you with the knowledge and tools to be a change agent to help your community.

Creating an Amazing College Experience – Acclimating to the college environment can be intimidating and disorienting.  This workshop will help Juniors and Seniors learn the information and resources necessary to have smooth transitions to college and give them a jumpstart to a successful collegiate experience. (Note: This is intended to be an interactive workshop, so people attending are encouraged to come with questions in mind.)

How to go to College – Understanding the college application process is difficult. Come learn from college advisors about the various facets of applying, getting into, and transitioning to college.

I was: I am Transforming – Through slam poetry, story-telling, and audience engagement, keynote speaker, Julia Garcia tackles issues that get in the way of your success and self-esteem. Julia challenges you to believe in your potential and to own the power of your story.

Immigrants: “Blessing Not Burden” – Immigrants produce jobs and strengthen the economy. 40 percent of Fortune 500 companies were founded by immigrants or children of immigrants. This workshop will explore the need to re-examine immigration policy and how it impacts our society.  We will be discussing how our current immigration system functions through a guided simulation and we will use those experiences to discuss how we can work toward a more just system.

Managing Your $$$ – Managing your finances is a necessary part of being a successful and effective member of society. Come learn from professionals in the banking industry about how best to manage your finances and resources.

Outside Learning Opportunities in High School – Come learn about programs and opportunities in our community that can give you a head start in your college and/or career preparation! You will hear from persons who run the programs and from students who have benefited from the programs.

Personal Branding & Character – Knowing how to market yourself is an important skill. But just as important is knowing how to develop your character as an ethical and dependable person. Come learn from local community leaders about developing your personal brand and character.

Pride in Your Culture – Our cultures help define who we are as people. Regardless of how we identify, taking pride in our culture is important to help us have a better understanding of our personal identity.

Relationships: Communication and Emotions – The teen years bring emotional highs and lows! Friendships, romantic relationships, and parent/family relationships are especially challenging. This workshop explores healthy communication and coping skills for creating positive relationships.

Started from the Bottom Now We’re HERE! – A conversation with community members who come from families where hard labor and providing for the family are a priority. Hear their stories, share yours and leave with practical tools for success!

Strengths & Weaknesses Finder + Future Interests – Interests will develop and evolve as we go through life. Come learn how knowing our personal strengths and weaknesses help us determine possible interests and how you can turn your interests into a career.

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