This summer, 16 Promesa Summer Success students completed 9 Ferris State University credits in college level Reading, Math, and Study Skills. The program is designed for students between their junior and senior years in high school. The courses remove any need there might exist for these students to take developmental courses in Math and Reading and give them a taste of college level course work.

Many of the students who take the courses lasting 8 weeks of the summer at 16 hours per week begin to see themselves as college-ready for the first time. “I didn’t think college was in my future, now I know that I can do it!” was the expression of one student at graduation on August 10th this past month. Sixteen students completed the requirements and received certificates of completion.

Recent data from the first three years of the program show that almost 100% of those who complete Promesa go onto some form of postsecondary study/training.

One of last year’s graduates, Melissa Hernandez (pictured left), is now attending Ferris State University and studying Criminal Justice. She earned a scholarship from the Holland Department of Public Safety, and her job shadowing of Public Safety Department, Chief Matt Messer, led her to pursue a career in Law Enforcement.