Adelante Youth Program

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¡Adelante! is designed to excite and support 9th-10th grade students. Participants develop key relationships in order to develop their motivation and vision of finish high school and pursue further education/training beyond. Students are invited to meet leaders from the local community, develop their professional network, and learn leadership skills—all while creating friendships with peers from different schools.

Más Adelante

Más Adelante, is a year long program that focuses on giving 11th-12th grade students unique, leadership experiences. Students learn critical thinking skills by engaging in assignments geared towards problem identification, problem solving, creativity, and evaluating the validity of claims. Students also learn communication skills from interactive lessons aimed at improving writing and public speaking. Sessions feature community leaders and professionals who present on various topics including leadership, community awareness, and innovation.

Weekly Meetings

6:00-8:00pm Wednesdays (during school year)

Más Adelante:
6:30-8:30pm Tuesdays // 
10am-12pm Saturdays 

@ Midtown Center (96 W 15th St, Holland, MI 49423)

Contact Information

Adelante: For more information, call (616) 392-5058 or email adelante@laup.org.

Más Adelante: For more information call (616) 392-5058 or email masadelante@laup.org.

How Can a Student Apply?

In order to apply students must: 1) fill out the proper application, 2) print and sign copy of application that is emailed to them, and 3) submit a copy of their application along with their most recent school transcripts or report card (these records are not used to decide program acceptance, but as a basis to track future progress). Students are always encouraged to apply but send applications in as soon as possible. Interviews are conducted for Más Adelante students before being accepted in the program.

Adelante Application Más Adelante Application

Student Application and Transcript/Report Card must then be submitted to:
Latin Americans United for Progress
96 W. 15th Street, Suite 103, Holland, MI 49423
For more information, contact LAUP at (616) 392-5058

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Adelante Coordinators

Karen Moreno (Adelante)
Yadah Ramirez (Adelante & Mas Adelante)
Brandon Martinez (Mas Adelante)