Empowering LATINOS to participate in creating a better COMMUNITY for all through advocacy, education  & celebration. 

Empowering LATINOS to participate in creating a better COMMUNITY for all through advocacy, celebration & education.


Do you need help with translation, filling out applications, or advancing your career or education? LAUP offers a variety of services to our community.


Navigate higher education, tackle the job market, and participate as a valued member of our community through our programs.

upcoming events

Exciting opportunities to support the mission of LAUP and celebrate our Latino community. 

october 20, 2023

Annual Gala

july 12 - july 15, 2023

LAUP fiesta week 2023

february 14, 2023

Youth leadership conference

laup in 2023

community members uplifted and supported with office services, events and programs
youth equipped to have a successful future and make a difference in their community, with one student receiving a full-ride Promise Scholarship
adults empowered to further their careers, engage in their community, and celebrate their culture.
annual partners supporting our work in the community

Building bridges. Creating pathways.

Our community’s greatest strengths come from within. Your stories and growth inspire us all. And when each of us is given the proper tools and training, we’re all empowered to reach our full potential. These stories celebrate you–the people who help our whole community thrive.

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Looking for a way to better our community? Get involved with one of our many programs and support teens and adults taking the next steps in their future.