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Ernesto Lopez’s journey from his humble beginnings in San Luis Potosi, Mexico to becoming a prominent figure in the real estate industry is nothing short of inspirational. Born in San Luis Potosi and raised in Mexico City, Lopez’s early years were marked by hard work and determination. At the young age of 17 he migrated to the U.S. with his family. However, a critical moment in his life changed the trajectory of his career. 

After sustaining a back injury that rendered him unable to continue physical work, Lopez found himself contemplating his next move. It was during this time he was searching to purchase his new home. During his  home-buying journey, he found himself signing documents he didn’t understand. This embarked him on a journey into real estate. His driving force became to create a business that would not only thrive but serve his community. 

With twenty years of industry experience under his belt, Lopez now stands as the proud broker, owner, and founder of UBeHome. What began as a vision to assist the Hispanic community in navigating the complexities of the real estate market has blossomed into a thriving enterprise. Within just one year, UBeHome soared from the 150th position to an impressive 19th rank in the industry.

The concept behind UBeHome was simple yet profound: to offer comprehensive support to Hispanic individuals and families throughout the entire home-buying process. Lopez envisioned an inclusive environment where language barriers would be bridged, and every client would feel empowered and informed with every document they signed. UBeHome’s fully bilingual office ensures that clients understand every aspect of their transactions, from the initial consultation to the final signing of documents. His goal being, “… helping my community. Helping somebody understand what  they are signing and explaining it in their own language, in Spanish.”

The name “UBeHome” holds special significance for Lopez, as it pays homage to a song by the band UB40, which resonated with him during the naming process. It symbolizes the essence of belonging and finding one’s place in the world—a sentiment that Lopez strives to instill in every client he serves.

Beyond his business endeavors, Lopez remains deeply committed to uplifting the Latino/x community. As a role model and leader, he actively engages with younger generations, giving wisdom and guidance to aspiring entrepreneurs. He recently was part of our Youth Development Conference where he held a workshop for young future leaders. Moreover, his involvement in organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce and LAUP underscores his dedication to fostering empowerment and growth within the community.

As the only minority-owned real estate company fully bilingual in West Michigan, UBeHome occupies a unique position in the market, serving as a beacon of hope and opportunity for Hispanic individuals and families. 

In closing, Ernesto Lopez’s story serves as a reminder that with passion, perseverance, and a commitment to serving others, anything is possible. As he continues to inspire and uplift the Latino community, he continues to inspire others. Today, he stands as a testament to the transformative power of hard work, vision, and unwavering determination.


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